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Nomski Reporting on North Sea Jazz Festival 2019.

The North Sea Jazz Festival has come and gone like a rainstorm in a quiet night. This festival must take some doing to orchestrate now that it has grown to such magnitude. One must now wonder if it still deserves to carry the name “jazz festival” any longer. 

This is a festival that I have been attending for several years; north of 35 years. Currently it is clear to see a general drift away from mainstream jazz which is a shame as one runs the risk of loosing this true art form that has withstood the test of time.

There were still some moments of brilliance over the weekend; Legendary performances form Dee Dee Bridgewater, Gladys Knight, Joe Jackson, Abdullah Ibrahim and many others. It is very difficult to make mention of all the performances that really touched me personally. Afterall the lure of close to two hundred acts simultaneously is seductive but one can only have a limited amount of musical experiences. Therefore, it is so difficult to get close to making a collective judgement on the whole weekend. Suffices to say on Saturday after Dee Dee Bridgewater’s performance I was so satisfied I could easily have left afterwards. I was so satisfied. The same applies to the performance of Glady’s Knight. It was encouraging also to see some of the young performers willing, able and well placed to carry JAZZ into the future. Let me make the time to mention a young man whose name will become synonymous with jazz; STEFON HARRIS. It appears that he has grabbed the baton from either Milt Jackson or Lionel Hampton to carry the genre for music forward. 

Standby for the next jazz report from San Sebastián and Marciac in the coming months.

This is Nomski saying over and out.

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